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For any suggestion, promise of gifts, etc.
Song of Rabbi David BOUZAGLOU

Piyout composed by the Haïm BITTON Rabbi

Poems to tribute to Rabbi Rahamim Benamara Zatsal

Piyout composed by the Ben-Simhon Rabbi

The drawings which illustrate the poems result
from the book :
Sefer Hadrah'a
of Rabbi Rahamim

Inscriptions to the Golden Book
Piyout composed by the Haïm BITTON Rabbi
Kimha de Pisha

This poem, I wrote it in tribute to our liked and respected good, the dayan illustrates
Rabbi Rahamim BENAMARA,
that its light lights and scintillates, him which east impresses such beautiful qualities

It was sung by its author Rabbi Mordekai BENSIMON Rabbi Mordekai BENSIMON,
president of the charitable organizations, at the time of the rise in Sefer with Mazagan