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Editorial on the jewish radio station

Editorial on Jewish Radio 94.8
October 2001
A great Jewish man left us; Rabbi Rahamim Benamara was an exceptional man totally dedicated to his fellow being, to do “CHESSED” in every way: by helping the weakest and the most in need, by giving moral support to everyone in distress, especially in old age, by running after “SHALOM”, by bringing peace among couples, communities. He did all that always with a smile and words full of wisdom. He was a DAYAN – rabbinical judge – in the large community of Casablanca before making aliya to Israel where he became “Rav” of Kyriat-Menachem and Ir-Ganim, two neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

Since early childhood, he was full of love for Israel and showed it by his actions all his life.
Being a judge he had to be strict and upright, but he was full of “KISSE RACHAMIM”, principles of kindness and mercy, as indicated by his name.
Many couples came to Court in order to divorce and went home, united ready to continue to build a happy family. Tenacity and a deep understanding were necessary to avoid breaks done impulsively with disastrous consequences.
Concerning elderly people, the following verse from the Psalms became his motto: “Don’t reject me in my old age; when my strength will decline don’t leave me.”

He created associations such as "TEHILA LEDAVID" and "CHADESH YAMENOU" making a framework for elderly people, often isolated or forgotten in old age homes, in order to give them a new spiritual and social life. In a joyful and warm atmosphere, reading of "TEHILIM" or "TALMUD" was organized for whoever could. Thanks to his books, he could pay teachers, organize spiritual gatherings, for example HILULOT" and "TAANIT HADIBUR” he organized on the eve of Rosh Chodesh (beginning of the month).

With his third institution “CHESSED VERACHAMIM”, he could help anyone in need by giving money or free loans to help people to go through hard times, finance weddings, Bar Mitzva …
Finally, he gave us a beautiful legacy: his books on wisdom and goodmanners in the spirit of Torah.
In Hebrew: "Leet Metso" (3 volumes) -"Teshouat Tsadikim" (2 volumes) -"Sefer Hadrakha Lamishpacha Hayehudit"
In English: The Time of Truth – The Complete Guide of Good Manners – The Book of our Heritage.
Other books are being printed. All copyrights on those books (he wrote day and night when he was already advanced in age and tired) are going to these institutions exclusively.
In his spiritual will published in his first book (13 years ago), he asked his children to do everything to continue his work after his death. In another will written on the 7th of Adar (day that Moshe passed away) in 1993, he implored G- d to give him a similar death as the one’s of Moshe: “Beneshika”. His soul should leave his body in a simple kiss of the “Shechina” – without suffering or degradation. His wish was granted; what a Tsaddik asks, G- d gives it.” The first day of Rosh Hashana he left this world suddenly, his face radiant (beaming) with joy and holiness after praying, reading Mishna and Tehilim, listening to the Shofar hundred sounds. It was at the time when, according to the Jewish mystic, G- d opens the gates of Gan Eden and rejoices the soul of the Tsadikim: “seu Shearim Rashekem…” “Et shaare Ratson le hipateach.”

On Tuesday 23rd of October at 18:30, at the Buffault synagogue, for the Shloshim, a ceremony is organized with the participation of many rabbis. The whole community is invited.
May his kindness and devotion be an example for each one of us, in a time of hatred and terror. His light should shine in all our homes. Amen