The project : Construction of a General-purpose Philanthropic Center
Blessings of Isaiah
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Under construction

Future orientations

The merit and the reputation of the founder Rachamim Benamara, the devotion of the volunteers and the generosity of the contributors helped to develop the institutions of AHAVAT-RACHAMIM, with the blessing of G-d.

Now we have to continue : to increase the number of distribution points in poor neigbhoroods, to offer more services and solutions to those badly in need, the elderly…

The main purpose of these institutions is direct help to people deeply in need.

In the meantime, as you could notice on few pictures on this site, it is urgent - besides the first action mentioned above - to create centers where social workers will volunteer and help people to receive according to their needs: food, clothes, money, free loans, help to find work for the unemployed, places for handicapped children, warehouses, and above all a framework for the elderly during the day, while their children work, and they stay home lonely and isolated.
Such a place will contribute to their spiritual and social well-being.

More over, some contributors are more interested in contributions that will keep their name alive or honor the memory of a loved one...

Their contributions could be given to a fund AHAVAT-RACHAMIM whose objective will be the creation of Philanthropic and Multipurpose Center in Jerusalem…. It will take time, good will and energy. But “ if you really want it, it will become real.” Bli Neder and with G-d’s help...