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The project :
Construction of a General-purpose Philanthropic Center

Programming plan and organization

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Creation of a General Philanthropic and Multipurpose Center with a Day Home for old people


A plan of Programming was established by our architect, naturally modifiable and evolutionary according to the site and the possibilities of financing. He can be reproduced in the others cities if the sources of financing allow it.


The realization of this project was estimated by our architect at 1.000.000 € but one can start by a building of lesser importance which can evolve according to needs and possibilities of financing.


This project will largely be financed by the Judaism of Diaspora in sign of solidarity with our Israeli brothers for the period so difficult that they cross. He can be lead in cooperation with the municipality of Jerusalem, Bitouah Leumi, concerned ministries (health, work, social action) and quite generous giver : private individuals, Enterprises, Firms, Associations, and also with all support of Community medias.


It will be appealed in all the measure of the possible to the voluntary help, notably with the framework of the civil service, the movements of youth and the pensioners wishing to remain active and to make useful.

We will try to secure a self-financing, in the least partial, by the exploitation of premises in the evening for domestic ceremonies rate moderate and adapted to the means of families.
Coverage of the old persons, isolated and deprived in the cultural, moral and social plan.
Objective : break the isolation and restore life to our elders, while relieving the load of their family.


This project was conceived by The Association AHAVAT RAHAMIM. It is situated in the continuance of the very valued works of Rav Rahamim BENAMARA (This one was an eminent personality of the Moroccan judaism, of whom he contributed to Alya in cooperation with the Jewish Agency. Having been a judge and community responsible very devoted to Casablanca, is was appointed spiritual and social leader in districts the West of Jerusalem. There he based its works with the incomes of its books. This building will carry the name of "AHAVAT RAHAMIM" (Respect and Kindness).


On an appropriate terrain, in a district of Jerusalem, in strong density of population, easily accessible notably for the old persons... He can become integrated into a vaster frame of a " Community Center " but the Ahavat Rahamim Association can contribute only to the financing of the Humanitarian part it’s to say only for the day reception of the old persons, the
food bank, (clothing, of reconditioned household electrical appliance...) restoring for the most underprivileged population, and quite other shape of help to the moneyless persons...


For the necessary supplement, it will be appealed to the collecting of Ahavat Rahamim and to the others organisms and associations supporting this project which take care of charity and beneficence contributing helping for the most deprived population.


Besides the friendly aspect of meeting and animation in a warm atmosphere, it is foreseen adapted physical activities, music and songs practices, cultural and religious activities, lessons, oulpan, conferences, promenades, activities of creation and stimulation of the memory...
Meals and warm meals can be served at noon (free for the most deprived, they will can acquit to a moderate participation adapted to the possibilities of each.)


This space could welcome simultaneously or alternately, (notably in the evening, after the departure of the old persons) the food and clothing Bank, the Social security assured by voluntary social workers ("help" and loans without interest), the remedial courses to the children who have difficulties, the prices(lessons,courts,) and the conferences, the marriages of the young couples in trouble...


Thanks All those Associations, Administrations or private individuals who will have brought their direct or indirect succor to this magnificent innovatory project all will be rewarded by the deep happiness to have given evidence of charity face to face to weak and deprived and particularly of our old parents at the same moment so fragile and so precious. They will so have realized the humanist and noble principle of the Jewish tradition :

« You will honor and will illuminate the face of the old person »… (Pentateuque)

And let us not forget Psalms :

« Do not reject me at the time of the old age
when my forces will run out, do not abandon me »