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Certificate of the Jerusalem town council

19th of August 2002

The people in charge of the contribution of French Jewish community brought the project “Havat Rachamim France” to my attention...

This project seems to be of great value on the human level: many old people are isolated, lonely in their home while their children are carrying their business and their grandchildren are at school...

This project is a kind of university for the golden age. It answers a need and will help to cheer up our elderly giving them back a goal in life.

I completely support this project.

It is important to remember that the founder of the institutions Ahavat Rachamim, Ha Rav Hagaon Rachamim Benamara was a spiritual leader, very active and well loved during his twenty two years in this neighborood. He tried by all means at his disposal to solve this problem.
Knowing so well the reality, he gathered old people in shelters, synagogues, near old age homes… for them, he organized activities, lessons, meals, parties...

In order to support his institutions, he wrote and published important books on Judaism, in Hebrew as well as in French, giving in advance all the benefits from the books.

It is obvious that after the death of such an important man, the time has come that not only his institutions should survive but also be developed and premises be dedicated to old people of the West part of Jerusalem...

Whoever is going to help and support this project will be blessed. AMEN.

Rav David SIMON
City Councilor of JERUSALEM
Head of Kiryat Yovel