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For any suggestion, promise of gifts, etc.

Thanks letter to the givers :
without you, nothing is possible !

Dear Friend and Contributor,


The ethics of the Bible are based on this essential principle.

The greatness of Man is his ability to contribute to make up for the lack of balance in the world: by helping the poor, the weak, the sick, and the elderly, by bringing comfort and giving back life to those who have lost hope...

It is the goal of the institutions created by Rabbi Rachamim BENAMARA zatsal in 1980.

The tragic events faced by our Israeli brothers are now increasing unemployment and precariousness.

Needs are increasing (are more and more acute) in the poor neighboroods of Israel where our volunteers are working.

Thank you, Dear Friend, to lighten their burden...

Your entire contribution will reach the needy through Ahavat Rachamim in Israel.

Enjoy the happiness you brought, and be blessed by Rabbi Rachamim Benamara Zatsal :

“May the Almighty, our Lord, reward you and your loved ones with Health, Prosperity and a Long Life full of Happiness in the respect of Torah... Amen.”

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