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Food Bank : Important economic and social crisis
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Thanks letter to the givers : without you, nothing is possible !
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For any suggestion, promise of gifts, etc.

Collections, Thanks, Distribution

Charities founded by
Rabbi Rahamim BENAMARA
Association n° 580387926

For the attention of educators, parents and pupils

On the eve of the new year and the High Holidays which should bring us Blessings, Solidarity, Unity and a real true Love to the people of Israel...
The school...... and the Association AHAVAT-RAHAMIM dare asking for your help in providing food to those in need - who cannot afford a good, rich and hot meal just like everybody else.

Here is the list of recommended needed items :

If you prefer to give money, please put it in an envelope with your name and address (a receipt will be sent to you by mail)
By your generous and discreet contribution, given with such a good heart, you are taking part in the building of a better society where all of us will be happy and proud to live.

Thank you for any heart
D irection of the school
T eachers

To collect
To redistribute
Des militants bénévoles et dévoués
To serve